Improvements to the Zongo, Kwamouth and Bolobo berths



Amount million (USD): 34,420,474
Amount million (EUR): 29,125,016Amount million (CFA): 18,931 260,579
IRR : 21,41%

Type of funding envisaged: PPP




The Democratic Republic of Congo has one of the largest networks of waterways in the world. The transport system in the DRC is a multimodal system of which the Congo River is the backbone.

Along the Congo River, leaving the city of Kinshasa, as well as along the Oubangui and Sangha rivers, there are several docking points which are operated in the majority of cases in their natural state.

Docking areas are natural areas, without docking structures, but used by boats to park for the loading and unloading of goods and passengers. Among these berths identified along the left bank of the Congo river and the Oubangui river, that is to say in the DRC, three were selected for an upgrade of conditions.

These are berths located at the localities of Kwamouth and Bolobo on the Congo River and that of Zongo on the Oubangui River.

The fitting out of the three berthing points will include the fitting out of a 50 ml floating quay for Zongo and 100 ml for Kwamouth and Bolobo and the supply and installation of a crane in Zongo, two cranes in Kwamouth and two cranes in Bolobo, as well as construction of an administrative building and other infrastructure.

Expected results

The expected results include, among others:

– construction and fitting out of three berthing points,

-improving the efficiency of the three docking points,

-improving logistics performance: horizontal and vertical handling operations will be easier and faster,

-the reduction in the length of stay of boats at the docking point, which would increase the number of boat rotations per year,

-reducing the cost of transport and transport time as well as stabilizing the prices of basic necessities,

-the development of traditional or new activities offering opportunities to the private sector,

-trade and supply of consumption centers with food products,

-the animation of the local economy and the competitiveness of products for export.