Project name: Ouesso – Bangui – Ndjamena road construction and upgrading project


Amount (USD): 1,737,187,607
Amount (EUR): 1,469,927,975Amount (CFA): 955 453 183 616
IRR : 18,8%

Type of financing envisaged: grant and concessional loan




The Pointe Noire – Brazzaville – Bangui – N’Djamena corridor development and upgrading project responds to the orientations of sectoral transport policies and National Programs of ECCAS countries.

It is in line with the priorities expressed in the CMPT-CA and the sectoral transport policy documents, documents for the Poverty Reduction Strategy of the countries crossed and NEPAD. These documents focus on road infrastructure, which clearly constitutes a fundamental if not the main lever of economic development and the emancipation of the majority of populations, especially those in isolated and / or remote regions.

The construction / rehabilitation and upgrading project of the Ouesso – Bangui – N’Djamena road, the central link of corridor 13, consists of:

-the construction and the asphalting of the sections of earth road Ouesso – Bétou – Mbaiki, and Bossembélé – Mbaikoro,

-the rehabilitation of the sections of asphalted roads Mbaiki – Bangui, and Bangui-Bossembélé.


Expected results

The expected results of the project are, among others:

-the construction and asphalting of 1,310,311 km of road,

-the construction and asphalting of 25.17 km of penetrations and 49.07 km of roads,

-increase and reinforcement of inter-State economic exchanges through a quantitative and qualitative improvement of transport infrastructure, to meet the needs of sustainable development and regional integration,

-direct access to the ports of Pointe Noire and Matadi through which goods can transit from and to CAR and Chad,

-the development of natural resources and mineral wealth of the Central African region,

-the opening up of the populations of the areas crossed so far which are difficult to access and improvement of the living conditions of the populations,

-poverty reduction