Project name: Impfondo Port Upgrade

Location: Congo


Amount (USD): 7,848,081
Amount (EUR): 6,640,684Amount (CFA): 4,316,444,344
IRR: 25.76%

Type of funding envisaged: PPP




Located about 862 km from Brazzaville, the Secondary Port of Impfondo is located on the right bank of the Oubangui River, about 3 km downstream from the City Center, near Impfondo Airport.

The secondary port of Impfondo is managed by a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment endowed with Civil Personality, financial and management autonomy, called Port Autonome de Brazzaville and Secondary Ports, in acronym PABPS created by ordinance n ° 4 – 2000 of February 16, 2000.

The upgrading works relate, in particular, to the rehabilitation of the quays (replacement of the concrete blocks, renewal of part of the sheet pile wall, recovery of the crown beams), the acquisition of operating equipment, the rehabilitation of embankments sagging by earthworks and surfacing rehabilitation of access roads to ports and dredging operations in front of quays.

Additional improvements will be made, such as repairing cracks on the walls of buildings and warehouses and evacuating disused and immobilized units.


Expected results

The expected results of the project include:

° improving the port’s efficiency,

° improving logistics performance,

° reducing the length of stay of boats in port, which would increase the number of boat rotations per year,

° reducing the cost of transport and transport time as well as stabilizing the prices of basic necessities,

° the development of traditional or new activities offering opportunities to the private sector,

° trade and supply of consumption centers with food products,

° the competitiveness of products for export.