name of the project: Bangui Port Upgrade

Location: Central African Republic


Amount (USD): 28,743,920

Amount (EUR): 24,321,779

Amount (CFA): 15,809,156,055

IRR: 11.43%

Type of funding envisaged: PPP




Located on the right bank of the Oubangui River, the Port of Bangui is located about 77 km upstream from the rocky threshold of Zinga, a real natural obstacle for river navigation during low water periods. He finds himself opposite the City of Zongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Administratively, the Port of Bangui is managed by the Central African Society for River Transport in acronym, SOCATRAF, a subsidiary of Bolloré Africa Logistics. In 2005, this company had signed a farming contract with the Central African State, at the end of which it had been entrusted with the exploitation of river transport, the armament and the management of the main Central African ports mainly that of Bangui.

The upgrading works relate, in particular, to the rehabilitation of the quays (replacement of the concrete blocks, renewal of part of the sheet pile wall, recovery of the crown beams), the acquisition of operating equipment, the rehabilitation of embankments sagging by earthworks and surfacing rehabilitation of access roads to ports and dredging operations in front of quays.

Additional improvements will be made, such as repairing cracks on the walls of buildings and warehouses and evacuating disused and immobilized units.


Expected results

The aim of improving port infrastructure is to maintain the high level of competitiveness of the port and to support its potential role for the country through the development of new port services and the improvement and increase of port reception capacities.