Project name: Construction of the Port of Maluku

Location: DR Congo


Amount (USD): 61,264,856

Amount (EUR): 51,839,493

Amount (CFA): 33,695,670,566

IRR: 16.92%

Type of funding envisaged: PPP




The DRC is planning the creation of a Special Economic Zone in the Maluku site intended, essentially, to host activities targeting the national market with the core target being the Kinshasa market but also the regional market.

The sanitation of the natural landing areas of Kinshasa, by their removal and the transfer to Maluku will allow the transport system of the DRC to find a second wind through a direct link between the high seas port and the new river port, without breaking the load. This, moreover, from an environmental point of view will make it possible to restore the banks of the river to the well-being of the population with friendly, clean and natural facilities (parks, places for walks, etc.).

The construction works relate, in particular, to the construction of a 560 ml platform quay in concrete blocks, the construction of a quayside area of ​​17,300 m², the construction of the goods storage areas of 43,600 m² and storage warehouses.

Other infrastructure is planned, such as the construction of a 1,008 m² container maintenance and cleaning workshop, and the construction of office and service buildings.

Expected results

The expected impact of the Maluku Port construction project is the reduction of poverty thanks to the improvement of the circulation of goods and people by river within the Democratic Republic of Congo allowing the increase of resources. small producers and traders, in accordance with the development strategy implemented by the Government.

More specifically, this project aims to:

  • Open up the country,
  • Facilitate and promote multimodal transport of people and goods,
  • Foster trade between Congo and neighboring countries,
  • Foster the development of industrial and commercial activities,
  • Ration, make profitable and secure the market supply system.