Project name: Construction of the Port of Bétou

Location: Congo


Amount (USD): 23,593,835

Amount (EUR): 19,964,014

Amount (CFA): 12,976,609,078

IRR: 14.63%

Type of funding envisaged: PPP




The position of Betou on the Oubangui river is considered very strategic by the authorities of the Republic of Congo because it is the first Congolese city of significant size near the border with the Central African Republic and less than 150 km from the capital Bangui.

Currently, there are along the banks of the docking points in the natural state, not developed while a port would have a great strategic value to promote trade between the Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic and even with the Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo by the Oubangui River.

Therefore, it is necessary to build a port in Bétou to develop river transport on the Oubangui River between these three countries.

The construction works mainly relate to the construction of 200 m of quay divided into 3 berths, the acquisition of materials and equipment including 2 mobile cranes (capacity about 45 tons), the construction of a storage area for goods 12,000 m2.


Expected results

The expected results of the project include:

  • improving logistics performance: horizontal and vertical handling operations will be easier and faster,
  • reducing the length of stay of boats at the docking point, which would increase the number of boat rotations per year,
  • the development of traditional or new activities offering opportunities to the private sector,
  • the trade and supply of consumption centers with food products,
  • the increase in the volume of trade with the countries of the region, in particular the CAR.