Development on the Congo River and its tributaries Oubangui and Sangha

Location: DR Congo – Congo – Central African Republic


Amount million (USD): 417 454 363
Amount million (EUR): 353 230 614Amount million (CFA): 229 599 898 995
IRR : 14,56%

Type of funding envisaged: PPP




Historically, the Congo River and its tributaries have been important penetration routes for the transportation of people and goods to interior areas lacking road and / or rail infrastructure as well as to landlocked countries with no maritime frontage.

In response to the decline in river transport, the States of Central Africa had adopted in January 2004, the Consensual Master Plan for Transport in Central Africa (CMPT – CA) designed to fill the infrastructure gaps, promote development and accelerate the regional integration. In particular, the CMPT – CA aims to make the Congo River and its tributaries modern, efficient and sustainable waterways.

It is in this context that the studies for the project to improve navigation on the Congo River and its tributaries, the rivers Oubangui and Sangha, were carried out and that the following priority developments were selected:

  • The development of the Zinga sill to maintain sufficiently high flow velocities to prevent sediment deposits in the navigation channel,
    the development of the access channel to the port of Bangui to maintain sufficiently high flow speeds to prevent sediment deposits in a navigation channel that crosses a very wide section of the river,
  • The installation of the groynes on the Sangha PK171 and PK436 rivers in the Congo to replace the pressure losses produced by the ‘’ Beaver ’dams which will be dismantled soon by an equivalent pressure loss visible on the surface,
  • The marking of the Congo river and its tributaries Oubangui and Sangha concerned by the project, namely the Brazzaville / Kinshasa river at the confluence with the Oubangui, on the Oubangui to Bangui and on the Sangha from the confluence to Nola in CAR.
  • Dredging of shallow areas on the Congo river (Pool Malebo – Pool Sandy Beach), the Oubangui river (Zinga threshold – Bangui port channel) and the Sangha river (PK60 – PK72 – PK78).

Expected results

The expected results relate to:
-the navigability of the Congo River and its tributary Oubangui throughout the year,

-the revival of river navigation in the Congo River Basin,

-the added value linked to surplus agricultural production resulting from the opening up of areas along the river,

-encouraging the creation of agricultural and / or agro-industrial complexes,

-the flow of agricultural, agro-industrial and mining products to an international port and / or to large distribution centers,

-reduction of transport costs thanks to the river mode,

-the development of traditional or new activities offering opportunities to the private sector,

-the creation of jobs for the management and the exploitation of the installations and services of the navigation system.